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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Patience | Day 8

We must be patient.

This process, recovering from a ruptured appendix, will be longer and harder than we thought.  We underestimated what recovery would look like.  My strong, hard, even-tempered, muscular, sexy, beast of a man has been in a lot of pain.  During the ten years I've known him I've never seen him like this.  It's sort of a weird, unknown territory actually. I don't like it.

He's different.  And he knows it.  
It's the pain. It's the medicine. And I know that.
Doesn't make it any easier.

But, in sickness and in health!  Emphasis on sickness.  That's when you get to see what your marriage is really made of, am I right?

Currently, my marriage is made of cold water and antibiotics, yogurt and probiotics, soup and cut up chicken, hugs and lots of kisses.

And a whole lot of patience.

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  1. Stay strong. This too shall pass. Men are big babies when ill. Treat him like you would Maddie. :) Love your guys!!!!

  2. Love, love, love it!! I feel like such a stalker commenting on so many of these, but that is some good writing!! You and your man will be fine. You're a great nurturer and now that he needs you more than ever, I know you're stepping up to the plate like you should be! Don't forget to take care of you too!!


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