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Thursday, October 02, 2014

My Morning | Day 2

This morning I wanted to hone in on my time with God and my time with Madison. Last night I had high hopes of waking up at 5am, as opposed to 5:30am, so that I’d have more than enough time to do both. Sadly, I stayed up incredibly late talking to the hubs until I drifted to sleep. I didn’t wake up until 6am. “Crap” I shrieked!

Realizing how late it was, I immediately dove into the word and spent a little more time there than I actually had in order to soak in the passages. I concluded my study feeling like I’d really gained a valuable perspective from the Lord so the time was well spent. That didn’t, however, give me an adequate amount of time to not only get me and Madison dressed but to hone in on her just a bit instead of constantly feeling rushed in the morning. Granted, our mornings are much better than they were a few months ago but I recognize that they could be better.

Today Maddie wanted to race. I didn’t feel like we had the time since she likes to get setup and do the whole, get ready, set, go spiel. But, keeping #honingin in mind I obliged and we both ended up laughing by the time we reached the car thereby setting the tone for the car ride. Dropping her off today was easier than usual so I’m wondering how much of an impact the start to our day can really have.

I’m also questioning what all this honing in will mean from a time perspective. I feel that there will be trade-offs to this life thing as there is no way that anyway can manage to keep up with everything at all times. By spending a little more time talking with my husband I went to bed late and in turn woke up late. I still managed to get a good bible study session in and spend some time with Madison, although not nearly enough, but I arrived at work late. Was it all worth it? Absolutely! But everyday can’t and won’t look like this.

Is a balanced life even a real thing? I’ve got a feeling that I might have to give up the little sleep I manage to muster in order to find it.

Hone in,

31 Days of Writing Series: Day 1 - 31 Days of #HoningIn

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  1. A Balanced Life...I've been in search of it forever and just can't seem to figure it all out. I wish you luck my friend. If you come across tips to share, please do!


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