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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Me | Day 5

Today I came home to rest.  I won't be any good to anyone if I can barely keep my eyes open or if I get sick again or if I'm so tired that I'm cranky.  Sleep is nonexistent in a twin size hospital bed next to another full size adult who is in pain, with nurses checking in every few hours.

So today I went home around noon, Maddie's nap time, and she and I slept until 3pm.  It was glorious.  I've since been up cooking so that we're not constantly eating out like we have the past couple of days. I've cleaned up, started laundry and I'm attempting to complete a work assignment, oh and I'm blogging everyday. oy!

A couple of good things have arrived or are happening right on time this week just for me that will lift my spirits.  My Coach wallet showed up on Friday. Bought it with my blog money stash ;).  I have a hair appointment on Tuesday (there's nothing more relaxing than having someone else wash your hair) and last week I scheduled a massage for this week.  Who knew how much I would need it! I've been so tense these past couple of days. 

Just getting away from the hospital for a bit and thinking about doing a few things for myself this week has definitely adjusted my mood.  I ALWAYS suppress my emotions about everything and I don't talk to people about what's going on. Then I get cranky.  Blogging is therapy for me so that's how I'm able to share here, I guess.  Nonetheless, this time around I've acknowledged that the circumstances of this weekend have had an affect on me so I'm looking forward to doing a couple of things this week to hone in on me so that I don't get overwhelmed by it all.  I'm hearing (and seeing firsthand) that recovery can be painful, so I need to be in a good place in order to help him as best I can.  

So say a little prayer for me too :)!

Hone in,

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  1. You need to take care of yourself so you can take care of him. Praying for you!!!

  2. Sending prayers, prayers, and more prayers your way!


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