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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Listening | Day 28

I don't listen to my husband very well. He's a rambler, bless his heart, and often times he tells me something important long after my mind has started to wonder during his story. Everything is a story, bless my heart

Here's a dramatization:

What he tells me:  "You won't believe who I saw today.  So, I left the house around noon after I dropped Madison off.  I went by the gym, worked out for a bit, and remembered that I needed to stop by Walmart to grab some toiletries.  I got some gas first at Sam's Club, because it's cheaper.  Did you know gas is under $3.  I filled that thang up!  Cost me less than $30.  Got to Walmart, got my toiletries, picked up some apples for Madison and grabbed some cinnamon rolls and donuts.  I might just get those donuts every time I go to Walmart.  On my way out guess who I ran into?  Your cousin.  She said she's ready to see everybody for Thanksgiving."
What he could have told me:  "I saw your cousin in Walmart today, she's looking forward to Thanksgiving."

As I type this he sits beside me laughing and reading along and admits that that is exactly how he tells me practically everything....and he plans to stop talking to me.  

But seriously, he really should stop talking to me if I can't take the time to listen to what he has to say.  Sadly, my Type A personality likes it when people get to the point, but it's really a sign of impatience, is it not?!  At best, my husband probably gets about an hours worth of my time per night during the work week.  The least I could do is give him my undivided attention and listen to his "stories". matter how long they might be ;).  

Hone in,



  1. LOLOLOL. This is too funny. I know how you feel. I'm the opposite though. There are blue moons when I get stuck in very long stories that I want to tune out so bad because they don't seem to have an end! I'm thinking the whole time, "What's the point of all this?! What are you trying to tell me!?!" BUT since those times are rare, I know these are the times I should listen the hardest. He only rambles when he's talking about something he's really interested in or excited about, for 1. For 2, I ramble like that a lot of the time too and he listens to I should return the favor. It's only a few minutes! So, shame on you Nicole! Do better!! :-)

  2. You need to master the uh huh uh huh to give the illusion?? of listening. That's what I used to do.

  3. OMG I had to stop reading and wipe my eyes from laughing so hard. Unfortunately, he inherited that from his father and I know what you are going through. Love you guys~~~~~

  4. Oh this had me laughing. I am just like your Hubby. I go all around the world - I can't just say it. See I have to set the storyline/platform so you can get the full effect of the story. I am sending this to my husband to read. I know he's going to get a kick out of this.


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