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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Limits | Day 22

I need to find a way to wind down and do a better job of setting limits for myself and the things that I do at night. 

After getting Madison to bed and spending time with the hubs (when either one of our faces, usually mine, isn't focused on a device) I tend to stay up late to do things I think need doing (or like doing).  Even with a 5:30am wake time I still end up going to bed around midnight most nights.  I'm usually up blogging, reading, playing word games, responding to comments/emails on social media, you name it.  

I don't want to have to let anything go. Time with Maddie. Time with Daddy. Time with my hobbies. It's all important to me!

I think I just need to limit what I do each night in effort to get more sleep.  So, in addition to not pulling out my laptop until after Madison is asleep, I'm hoping to stick to not only some time limits when it comes to being on the computer and being on my phone but making sure that they are put away after say 9:30pm.  No more late game playing.  No more "let me check/read/post/etc. one more thing".  

Lastly, apparently Maddie isn't the only one in need of an earlier bedtime.  I need to set a decent one and stick to it.  It should really be 10:30pm and I need to spend the time prior to bedtime winding down appropriately so that I can fall asleep more easily.

It all sounds good and seems reasonable but I know these adjustments are going to be tough on all of us.  But, sleep deprivation isn't something to take lightly so it's definitely time to put in the effort to make a lasting change.

Pray for our strength.  And for a good night's sleep.

Hone in,



  1. Yeah, there are always things you want to do or feel like you need to do...but you'd be surprised at how quick you can get used to going to bed early!! I've gotten quite used to it, but now I feel like I'm sleeping too much so I'm allowing myself to stay up late this week (plus that trip home through off my sleep schedule too). You're going about everything the right way. Make a schedule. Pick a day for each thing you like...word games on Monday, responding to emails on Tuesday, etc. and indulge (when you can on the weekends). You get up way too early not to be getting enough sleep!!

  2. I'm very similar! I like your plan to tackle it though and I like Mionna's suggestions! For myself, lately I've just been focusing on what's most important, God, the hubs and the kids! Then my business venues, then my hobbies...hence my blog posts are few and far between but that's ok, I haven't made jewelry in a while and that's ok! Making sure that God, my hubs and kids know that they are #1 is most important to me! I don't always get that order right but that's what I strive to do! Most nights I do burn the midnight oil but with and for a purpose, keeping in mind a goal that I'm trying to reach...and I think that's ok too so for now no limits here because I have specific things that I'm working toward...but there is a time and season for everything! And it sounds like it's your time to take a rest break and get more rest!


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