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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Madison's Hair Care Regimen | Current Products

June of last year (2013) I wrote a post about Madison's Hair Care Regimen.  A lot can change in a year.  

With that said, I no longer use some of the products that I used then.  I've learned things about her hair. What doesn't work for her and what does...well, at least some of what does.  It's a continuous journey that will change and evolve as she ages!
I've also learned to let go of any judgement associated with the way that her hair looks/appears to others and how I choose to maintain it (be it "well done" or "unkempt"), so long as I'm doing what's necessary for it to be healthy.  

Currently we're using the following products (all from Target unless otherwise noted):
  • Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo. - I can feel how it "hydrates" her hair as I'm lathering her up and it's crazy cheap. She loves the intense blue color of it too!
  • Kinky Curly Knot Today Conditioner - This stuff is as slick as it comes and is perfect for a super curly mane like Madison's.   
  • Shea Moisture Kids Moisturizing Detangler - I use this in the morning to add a little wetness to her hair (that has a little more to offer than just water) just prior to moisturizing and sealing.
  • Shea Moisture Kids Curling Butter Cream - Honestly, I just love how this stuff smells and I know that butters work on her hair better than anything else. Besides, sealing it in is the key to any moisturizer that I use on her.
  • Coconut Oil (from GNC) - For her scalp. Sometimes to seal.
  • Olive Oil - To seal in moisture.
  • Eco Styler Gel (Olive Oil) - I didn't think to use this on her hair for a while because it's a gel.  I was reminded that it's not like the brown, hardening, flake producing mess that was used on me back in the day.  It's essential for twist outs and the like.
  • Design Essentials Edge Control (from Walmart) - It's small and expensive but a little goes a long way.  I've recently started doing this not to be all cute with "baby hairs", because I personally think that's ridiculous (even for a toddler), but because I've come to realize how sensitive her edges are; therefore, they need to be protected.  By laying them down instead of constantly brushing them into the style I am better able to protect them from strain/damage.
Our routine consists of washing her hair every 7 - 10 days or as needed, like that time she got tomato sauce in it just a few days after it was washed!  Wash day is prime time to do a twist out (I'll discuss the wash and twist out process during my next post).  Daily, if the hair is not styled in a twist out, braids, etc. then I'm using the detangler, moisturizer and a sealant (i.e., oil) to style her hair.  I spend no more than 10 - 15 minutes on this entire process each morning from detangler application to finished style.

At night I may oil (i.e., coconut) her scalp, if needed.  Otherwise, I spend a few minutes prepping her hair for the next day's style or put in a few twists just for sleeping purposes.  We still use a bonnet when I can remember to put it on and especially with twists/braids in; however, she sleeps with a satin pillowcase just to be safe.

Bonus Tip:  When styling her hair, my goal is always to be done within one episode of one of her favorite TV shows (Mickey, Dora, etc.).  Obviously, we sometimes go over but I try to be pretty consistent about not going over.  She's a toddler and I don't want maintaining her hair to feel like a burden to her.  I want her to love and embrace it in all its glory, in it's natural state ;)!

Follow our hair care journey on Instagram via @toddlerhaircare for more photos and to ask any questions you might have via direct messenger.

Happy Detangling,

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  1. This is awesome. I feel like Madison and I hair twins. I have a tight curl too and the methods other people use, I can't! That kinky curly sounds like a good conditioner with the kind of slip I need. Using a detangler might be the key to my morning routines. People swear up and down by the pineapple method for night time care, but my hair will look like mashed potatoes if I use that method. So, I'm going invest in that. I just recently got fussed out for using the Pantene custard so I've started using Design Essentials honey custard...which I would use like a gel. Maybe one of the next times I try a twist out, I can use gel to see how that works. How does that edge control work?? I've tried two (Lottabody & Olive Oil) and they don't really work like I thought they'd work. After I put it on it just kind of disappears as opposed to staying slicked down all day.

    AND, last but not least, I'm so happy that you've put aside others opinions of her hair! From all that I've seen you're really growing into a natural hair stylist over there!! I give you 5 thumbs up! :-)

  2. My daughter is 18 months the only hair that grows a lot is the front and crown of her head. The side and back are slow to grow I use the same natural products in her hair as I do my like an oil mixture of castor oil, ylang ylang, and tea tree oil and I spritz with water in the morning. I braid it up into a ponytail and tend to the sides until wash day imore not sure what more I can do. Any suggestions

  3. Can you direct us to where we can find more pictures? I would like to know how her hair turned out since this post is a few years old. I have a two year old daughter with the exact same hair. I need help because I don't know what to do. I also don't know how it will turn out or if it will change as she grows. I'm concerned because her hair grows so slowly and I don't know why. Can you help me?

    1. Hello, Ashley, check us out on Instagram (@toddlerhaircare) for more photos. We can chat live via the DM there in regards to any questions you might have.


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