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Monday, July 28, 2014

How to Study the Bible

I discovered a few months ago and I've been on fire for God (read: diligently studying His word) ever since...

I've wanted this mug since I first saw it and finally purchased it a couple of weeks ago.  I so adore it!

"She Reads Truth is an online community of women who are committed to reading God’s Word together."  One of the things I love most about this community is reading through and contributing to the comments during each study because it gives me so many different perspectives. I now make it a point to dive into the Bible first thing in the morning when I rise and it makes for the perfect beginning to each day!

After joining this community I also found Kristen Schmucker's blog through her #lampandlight campaign via Instagram.  I've come to love and utilize her suggestions on studying scripture.  She includes a link to a sermon by Matt Chandler, How to Study the Bible, which I encourage you to listen to in it's entirety.  However, I've included an outline of what I learned from Matt's sermon below.


Needed to Study
1.)   Consistent time and place.
a.      Without this you just won’t do it.
2.)   You need a Bible (obvious right?!).
a.      One that is as close to the original Hebrew/Aramaic/Greek text as possible.
3.)   Highlighter and Pen.
a.      Highlight or underline or make notes about text that just seems to jump out to you or move you at the time.
b.     Certain things may resonate with you…what do you think that is? The holy spirit, of course.
4.)   Reading Plan
a.      Not having a plan will open you up to feeling lost.
b.     Without a plan you won’t stick with your goals…that’s with anything, right?
c.      It’ll also send you to places that you might not normally read.
5.)   Journal
a.      There are just certain things that you need to write down so that you reflect on them later.
6.)   Calendar/Planner
a.      So that if something comes up while you’re studying, you can just write it down quickly to do later and not use it as an excuse to be/get distracted.


How to Study
1.)   Start with prayer (~5 mins)
2.)   Read (~10-15 mins).
a.      Don’t just read just to read or as a checklist. The point is to be engaged and actually soak in the text. Keep it short.
3.)   Journal (during reading).
a.      Physically write out the verse that jumps out.  If multiple jump out pray about which should be the one to focus on.
b.     Write down what you observe from that verse.
4.)   Application (during reading).
a.      What does it mean for you?
b.     Write out how it applies to you.  Don’t be ambiguous.
c.      Application Steps
                                          i.     Detail what is going on in your heart and spirit that need to be corrected and what steps need to be taken to correct them.
5.)   End w/ prayer (~5 mins).
a.      Write down your prayer.  It will keep you focused to finish out the study strong.


The idea is to start small with something you can apply and be obedient to time-wise.  In other words, start off with small increments of time as listed here. 5 mins, 10-15 mins, and 5 mins for a total of 20-25 mins soaking up His word each day.  Then, as necessary, increase that time as you become more disciplined. Know that it's okay to miss a day but get right back in there and stay consistent overall.

Studying God's word diligently has such a huge, lasting impact on life, and ones attitude towards life. I pray that these suggestions are helpful and that you find the time to draw near to Jesus!

Be blessed,


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