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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Yard Work

I recently talked about how my husband has been tending to our yard as if it's our second child.  I recently got out there myself to do my usual routine; trim the hedges, pull weeds, put out mulch, sweep the sidewalk, driveway and curb, you name it! I can assure you it's a workout like no other. I laughed while I was out there sweeping our curb.  I use to wonder why people did that, sweeping up dirt outside, but I get it now.  It's still weird, but I get it!  Maintaining a home is lots of work, especially if you live in an HOA community. But don't even get me started on HOAs.
Before and After
Please check out how patchy the grass was before compared to now. It was like that all over! 

Finally, after weeks of work, our front yard (keyword = front) is finally something to be proud of. Now that we've tackled the front we'll spend the next few weeks conquering our semi-football field in the back. I doubt I'll have pictures of the back to show until sometime next year. It's just that bad; plus putting out grass seed has to start at a certain time/season to get the best result, according to my expert, grass-growing husband.

With May 25th marking the two year anniversary of the purchase of our house in a few weeks, it feels good to know that we're finally making changes towards really making it a home.  At the time we had a new baby so making changes was not a priority, but we've recently discussed making it our focus over the course of the next year and I'm excited! I can't wait to see where we'll take this space on the inside!  I see a new kitchen in my future! *hint, hint*, husband, *hint, hint* 
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  1. Your yard looks os plush and green! My husband is working on our yard...he loves working on it. He keeps saying, "in two weeks its going to look like this....". And the amount of weeks change every day, lol!

  2. Your yard is lovely. We have a house with no yard and we were both fine with that and now my husband wants a yard but I don't want all the work that goes along with it. We shall see how that turns out!

  3. Wow looks great! Love the before pic with Maddie running by haha!
    My husband has worked hard at growing grass in empty patches in our yard for the last 3 and half years and this years it's finally filling in! Yours sure looks great already!
    It is amazing how much work being a homeowner takes - however, it's so worth it, isn't it?

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  4. Wow that yard looks great. Cant wait to see it!!! Tell Mario he did good!!! Love you guys ~~~~~~

  5. This looks good!! And you talk about the back yard like it's bad...I don't remember it being that bad...but I guess I haven't been back there like that! Good work guys. This makes me want to get out there. Chris thinks otherwise. He says we should focus on the inside as opposed to the outside...I agree (to a certain extent). It would be a good project for us to work on together. It took you guys 2 I guess I should be patient.


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