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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Baby Fever

I've SORT of been wanting another baby lately. A small, cute, yummy-smelling bundle of life!

Watching Madison play on her own makes me think of a baby every single time.  I definitely don't want her to be an only child so I keep imagining her playing with a little baby boy.  Talking to him, trying to be the boss and helping him learn and grow by example.  When I think about it that way I'm definitely ready.

When I think about the 40 weeks of, uh, bliss, sleepless nights, seemingly endless breastfeeding, diaper changing and the full blown dependency; I tuck away all the sweet thoughts I've formulated above and decide maybe I'm not THAT ready.

So let's just say we'll be getting started on baby number two sooner rather than later. I'll keep you posted!  But don't go holding your breath or anything, we're talking months, folks!
Almost ready,



  1. But just think....the sooner you get the 40 weeks over with (and get them sleeping through the night) the sooner you can just enjoy! :)

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. Nicole. Do we have twin brains or what??! You wrote my thoughts exactly - when I see my little Aly playing alone I reeeeeeally want her to have a sibling. But yes, the pregnancy thing? Not really ready for that again yet lol.

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