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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Next Week's Goals (Wk 2)

I'm posting the weekly goals a day early since I'm hoping to join in and share a #SheSharesTruth post tomorrow...we'll see!  Last week was my first week of announcing what goals I would like to achieve for the following week and I must say that so far I've done quite well, and I still have a few more days to go!

------ Goals for the week of 04.14.14 ------

  • Teach Maddie a song about her name
    • Maddie loves music.  A lot. And she sings.  A lot...just out of the blue and it's too cute.  It takes her about 2-3 weeks to learn a new song and sing it on her own.  Since she knows the Mickey Mouse theme song, including the part where he spells his name, I figured I could make up a song for her name.  So I did, and I'm planning to teach it to her over the next couple of weeks and I'll record and post it once she's learned it!  
                                                             It sounds like a cheer, so clap your hands as you read this:
      • M-A....D-I...S-O-N, my first name is Madison!
Simple, clean, easy! She'll have it in a week or two, no doubt ;)!!!

  • Niagara Falls
    • For some reason Niagara Falls has been on my mind recently.  I think it's because I want to do things with my children that I wanted to do but never did.  Like travel abroad, see Mount Rushmore, visit Disneyland/world, etc.  So I just want to look into Niagara Falls so that I can plan a trip for it in the distant (lol) future.

  • Workout 3-4 times this week:
    • Typically I try to workout 2-3 times per week.  Sometimes, I can be really slack and only workout once.  With that said, I want to push my self to workout a bit more, especially with the summer fast approaching!

  • Clean out our refrigerator:
    • This was a goal from last week and even though I have a few more days in this week I'm going to keep it on this weeks goal, simply because I know me, I need an extra week :)!
    Be Happy,



    1. That is a great way to teach her name. Chris doenst quite know how to spell his name, but he knows what it is when I write it out. and he say "KISSSSS" instead of Chris, lol. its cute.

      Exercise is a big struggle for me, I never have the time, like never! So you go girl!

      - Rekita

    2. I like weekly goals. My brain works better that way (as opposed to monthly or annual goals.) I need to work out more next week (and clean out my fridge!)

    3. Love how you came up with a song for Maddie's name!! Great idea!!

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