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Friday, April 04, 2014

Next Week's Goals (Wk 1)

I'm always looking for different ways to hold myself accountable.  With that said, I've decided to start posting goals every Friday that I would like to accomplish during the next week.

I don't plan to post more than a handful of goals at a time, at least initially, to see how I manage and I'll take it from there.  Oftentimes, there are so many different things that I need to get done but I procrastinate, forget, feel overwhelmed, you name it, and things just don't get done!

Here's to...
------ Goals for the week of 04.06.14 ------

  • Buy a little red wagon for Maddie:
    • It’s getting hot so we've been walking Maddie to the neighborhood park after work. It’s a short trek for an adult but quite lengthy if you’re a child so a little wagon would be perfect on those days!
  • Plan our anniversary trip and our family trip:
    • We initially put Hawaii on our couple's bucket list (which we are failing at miserably) for this year’s anniversary trip; but, we failed to plan accordingly for it earlier in the year so we need to map out our other options.
    • We’re planning a family trip to the zoo early next month (hopefully before it gets too hot). Since it’s about a four hour drive to the zoo we’re planning to stay in town there one night so I want to go ahead and get a room booked! Just discovered that it's only 1.5 hrs away so we'll be making it a day trip, woot!!!
  • Take my lunch to work EVERY SINGLE DAY:
    • This is going to be the challenge folks. You save money and you eat better. This needs to be a goal every week :)!
  • Clean out our refrigerator:
    • That thing is yucky and I've put cleaning it out for far too long.
So that's it, folks!
Be Happy,



  1. I am terrible at bringing my lunch to work. I know it would save money, it's just really nice to get out of the office for my hour (or less!) I should do it more often though, thanks for the motivation!
    Great idea on the goals! Can't wait to hear about your zoo trip =)


  2. Wishing you much success in reaching your goals! You can do it!


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