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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Maddie Lately

Maddie turned two back in February. I took the day off from work and made sure that she felt loved and special all day. But, I never got around to talking about how she's growing and changing. Nor did I get a chance to leave a few sweet words to my girl for when she gets around to reading this little ol’ blog of mine.

So this post is for you, Madison, my daughter, my treasure…

You’re so sweet, so kind, so loving, so smart and you’re testing your limits with me…just me…already! I allow that sweet face of yours to win me over more often than I should. Sometimes in the middle of being disciplined you’ll act rather silly and I can’t even contain my laughter. Dad says I’m ruining you, but you’ll find that he only knows what he’s talking about half of the time :) so no worries!

As of late I feel like all you’ll eat is brown rice, fries, nuggets, fruit and bread and I can’t help but feel like I’m stifling your brain because I just can’t get you to like anything else. Dad says it’s just a phase and that we just have to keep pushing the good, wholesome foods on you, and you’ll eat them in time. I hope this is one of those things he’s right about ;)!

Your love for music warms my heart! You know so many songs now, so we’re always singing and laughing about something no matter where we are, and I catch you singing to yourself ALL the time. You allow me to be silly, fun and carefree, and I enjoy every bit of our goofy moments together.

You can almost count to twenty now and can spot a few of the numbers when you see them. It’s the same with the alphabet too! We’ve got all of your shapes down but we’re still working on colors, and pretty soon you’ll be able to sing a song that spells out your name, you’ve almost got it already, you sponge you!!!

On the weekends, you say “wake up, Mommy, wake up”, and it’s the most annoyingly, cute thing I’ve ever heard first thing in the morning! At night, you squeeze me tight and say “I Bove you, Mommy”, and it’s the most precious, heartwarming experience I’ve ever had! Ever!

If I could hug and kiss you all day I would. Seriously. Some days I want you to stay small forever yet at the same time I look forward to all the different things we’ll get to do together as you grow.

You make my days brighter, my life fuller, my faith stronger, and I love you beyond words!

YOU make me happy,



  1. This is such a heartfelt, sweet post Nicole!! I know Maddie will enjoy reading these words one day.

    Fashion, Floss and Lip Gloss

  2. Aww, this is the most precious thing I've read. I'm envious!! :-)

  3. wow, this made me cry!!! Love you guys ans Kiss Maddie for me.

  4. Beautiful words! You both are so blessed :)


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