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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Living for ME

I've spent a big part of my life living it according to the standards of others; basically, the way other's "thought" I should live it.

You know what I'm talking about or maybe you don't :)!

Your family, friends and society, as a whole, have a way of shaping the way you live your life.  You're encouraged to follow a specific path that is often thought of as the "normal", "right", "good" thing to do.
  • Go to school, 
  • Start your career, 
  • Get married, 
  • Have kids, etc.
If for some reason you deviate from these "guidelines" people often look at you as if you're ruining your life, failing at life or feel that you make bad decisions.  It's quite interesting, really!

I know some people whose lives are not at all what they expected and I see others looking down on them for it and even judging them as if they themselves have always followed the imaginary straight and narrow path.

For the past two years I've finally learned to let those thoughts about trying to please everyone, by living my life according to their standards, go! I like to remember that no one's life is perfect no matter how beautiful they might make it seem via social media or in person.  Most of the time you only see what people allow you to see. I also try to remember that those "perfect", judgmental people have had instances where they were one step away from making a "bad" move that could have turned their life upside down but God had a different path and plan for them and the same goes for so many of us.  So the path that I have sought truly isn't my own anyway since it's directed by God.

Before, when I was a SAHM  some people had a hard time understanding why I choose that path.  Even in the mist of some of the hardships we faced, I usually let them know that that was God's plan for me in that season in my life.  Usually there is nothing they can say to refute that.  The same goes for the life I'm leading now, being a working mom.

This is one of those things that comes with age, I believe.  And as I approach my thirties I'm starting to think more and more about life and question, "Is this where I thought I'd be? Is this where I am supposed to be?"  I don't want any regrets because I didn't have the courage to live for myself.  So now, I'm living life for me (and my family unit) based on what I want and need, and I'm finding that I'm much more happy because of it.

Be happy,


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