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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Home Alone | A Few Things

Home Alone is my FAVORITE Christmas movie of all time.  I've watched it a couple of times already this month (including last night).  

This year is the first time I've watched it and really thought about some of the stuff that went on in the movie.  With that said, I thought I'd share a few things of interest that I observed during last nights viewing.
  • When I was a kid I didn't understand why they gave Kevin such a hard time in the initial scenes, and why he was the only one that got in trouble during the pizza incident.  But, the way Kevin talks to his family (especially his mom) and the way they talk to him is quite appalling and I can now perceive him as a kid that probably misbehaves often (so I sort of get it, but Buzz should have been reprimanded too).  
  • Also, I couldn't imagine letting one of my brothers call Madison a jerk like his uncle did (what in the world?!). 

  • When I was a kid, my favorite line was, "you're what the french call, les incompetent!".  I repeated it often not knowing what it meant.  Now that I'm an adult, I love Kevin's line, "when I grow up and get married, I'm living alone!" Ha!!!
  • When Kevin shouts, "Mom!" when he's scared...and she feels it in her spirit on the plane.  Yes!
  • The scene when Harry & Marv start to follow Kevin after they almost hit him really irks me.  Why? Because Kevin starts to run and Harry goes, "See, I told you something was up, why would he run?"  Uh, Harry, you're a stranger and you start to follow him (in an obvious way, I might add) in your van.  So of course he starts to get nervous.  That would make anybody nervous.
  • {This} scene when Kevin's mom, Kate, is trying to get a flight to Chicago makes me chuckle every time (even though the situation is dire).
                  Kate Mcallister:  "This is CHRISTMAS, the season of perpetual hope!"...
                  Airport Attendant: "Uh, Ma'am, if there was anything at all that I could do for you today.
                  Kate McCallister:  Do it! Do anything!

           Bahahaha...I die!
  • My absolute favorite scene; Marv and his man scream! I have to rewind it EVERY TIME!
  • I LOVE the music in this movie, especially Carol of the Bells (so awesome)! This version is just too cool...
  • Lastly, no matter how many times I watch this movie (even if I watch it back to back over the course of two days -- which I've done) I always tear up on two scenes:
    • When Kevin's mom arrives back home and he doesn't immediately go to her.  Then she goes, "Oh, Kevin, I'm so sorry." And he runs to her and they embrace like only moms and children can.  Oh, that gets me every time!
    • When Old Man Marley is hugging his granddaughter and he waves at Kevin.  That embrace is so heartwarming to me, and when he puts her down he looks as if he has been or is about to cry.
          Teary EYED, I tell you!

Maddie and I just started the movie again so I'll leave it at that ;).

Any other Home Alone fans? What about Home Alone 2 (I like that one too, but it stops there)?!
I'd love for you to share your favorite scenes or observations!


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