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Monday, December 09, 2013

Dealing with the "A" Word

Did you know:  The Autism Awareness Ribbon (not pictured here) — The puzzle pattern reflects the mystery and complexity of the autism spectrum. The different colors and shapes represent the diversity of the people and families living with the condition. The brightness of the ribbon signals hope — hope that through increased awareness of autism, and through early intervention and appropriate treatments, people with autism will lead fuller, more complete lives. (source:  Autism Society)


My amazing friend, Lindsay, just recently joined the blogosphere and I couldn't be more thrilled to know yet another blogger in real life who actually gets what the blog world is all about.  But, what makes Lindsay's blog so unique is the fact that she's not only blogging for herself, she's blogging to bring about change and awareness for her son...

Her son, Jeremiah, has autism. 

I still have a hard time taking that in at times so I can't imagine how she, her husband and her family feels. Jeremiah is just a few months older than Maddie so I have, and always will, call him her very first best friend. 

Approximately three weeks before Jeremiah's second birthday Lindsay reached out to me to help her with a project she'd been working on.  She asked if I could help her start a blog and she sent me a document that explained her vision.  The document included the many stories that you can read here, here and here.  Having known Jeremiah since the day he was born I cried when I read through each page and immediately begin to pray for him, for her and her husband, and for her family.  I then prayed that God would lead me in the design process having never done something like this before.  

Her goal was for the site to be up and running by Jeremiah's birthday so that she could make the announcement of his diagnosis through the use of the site.  What you see below is the result of a couple of weeks of designing and working with Lindsay to bring her vision to life just in time for his birthday.

I was, and still am, amazed at the courage that she and her husband possess, to share and to be open and transparent about the journey that they will be on for the rest of their lives.  I'm excited about the difference they will make just by sharing their story with the world and I'm quite proud to be called their friend!

Lindsay has another project in the works to further bring about awareness and I can not wait for her to reveal her incredible idea! She challenged me to design a logo for the upcoming project and that is the image that you see at the very beginning of this post.  So stay tuned for the details! But while you're waiting for the reveal head over to Lindsay's blog, read her family's story and show your support by leaving a word of encouragement, or even following along.  I'm absolutely sure you'll be blessed by what her and her husband have to say!

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  1. Such a wonderful family after God's own heart.. Jeremiah is so so precious in the sight of Jesus! :)

  2. Dealing with Autism can be so difficult. Wishing your friend many prayers for strength. I'll be stopping by her lovely site to welcome her to the blogosphere!

  3. this is a great post, glad you are spreading awareness


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