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Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Gift from Maddie

If you follow me on Instagram then you've seen the majority of the photos within this post (sorry!).  That said, last night Maddie and I filled a couple of Mason jars full of candy then I added a few festive touches to make Christmas gifts for the teachers/directors at her school.

Apparently some brown-nosing parents (just kidding :)) have been asking the director what the teachers liked so she created a sheet to ask them what kind of candy, scents, beverages, etc. they preferred in order to give us options. Like any good mom I scoured Pinterest for some ideas, so as not to embarrass my child.  Since I already had masons jars that were just sitting in my cupboard (<--who uses that word) I figured I'd go the cheap route and just fill them with each teacher's favorite candy!  Hey, it's the thought that counts! 

So I headed to Target when I got off work yesterday.  Bought some candy ($9) string ribbon ($3), some over-sized cupcake liners to use on the lid/top ($4) and some gift tags ($1), and Maddie and I went to work when we got home! Total cost for each gift $5.67 (and if you want to get all technical like I would if I were reading this post the cost of the Mason jar is $1 for a total cost of $6.67).  Not bad, right?!?

Uh, YEAH!  I'm totally excited about this simple, cute and inexpensive gift! On the other hand, Maddie was more concerned with her own little dish the majority of the time.  She's obsessed with trees right now and she couldn't quite figure out how to get that lid on with the candy filled to the brim!  
I hope this helps someone who is struggling to come up with something last minute! Take a stab at it and let me see how yours turned out!!!

Christmas is right around the corner, can you believe it!

P.S. We just bought the last gift we needed for Madison LAST night! She only gets three gifts (<--read why here) for Christmas (like Jesus :) Matthew 2:1-12), so we really need that gift to make it on time...sheesh!!!  Talk about not being on it! #mommyfail



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  1. Those are such a great idea! I always try to do a cookie mix or hot chocolate and it turns into a nightmare trying to make it perfect. I will be totally stealing this next year :-)


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