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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hide and Seek

Two things:

1.)  I'm that mom who never learned how to braid hair but ended up having a little girl, and
2.)  Maddie SORT OF knows how to play hide and go seek and it's hilarious!

^ This is Maddie hiding...bahaha!!! ^

So, now that it's practically winter here in NC it's so important to protect the hair, especially African American hair, so braiding it is typically the style of choice when it comes to the little ones. I've been practicing on Maddie, my poor child, every since she started daycare and I must admit that it's getting better as you can see from her day old style above.  I told myself I had until she started Kindergarten to get it right (ha!), luckily I think I'll have it perfected some time next year!

I also couldn't help but share the fact that Maddie likes being chased and hiding in plain sight!  We have sheer curtains in our kitchen and last night Maddie decided that she was going to "hide" behind them.

She eventually decided to show herself since "I couldn't find her" and we both burst into laughter!  I really wish others could hang out with this one.  She is such a hoot!!!!!




  1. She's adorable! Don't feel bad, my daughter is 3 and I still can't braid right. Mine end up being some version of a flat twist so that's usually what I just end up shooting for when it comes to her hair.

  2. i thought i was the only one, i dont know how to braid hair either. what am i going to do?

  3. awww, I love the pic when she comes from behind the curtain! sometimes we gotta try and learn things that would be an advantage to us...honestly I think you did pretty good for a first time braider.

    try getting on "You Tube" thas how I learned how to do my own hair then I started learning to work with my own daughter's (4) hair. now, i'm doing my hair and her hair and its saving me money so that I don't hafta pay someone else. *smile*

  4. OMG So cute. I miss you guys!! Hilarious- "hide" and seek!!! Love you guys.

  5. AWW...this is adorable!!! My favorite pics are the one of her hiding in plain site and the one of her "being found". Her smile is so genuine!


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