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Friday, October 11, 2013

Marriage + Adventure (A Couple's Bucket List)

Hawaii by Jason Meredith {via}

As we continue to strive to strengthen our marriage, I thought it would be a good idea to create a couples bucket list to complete from anniversary to anniversary (June to June, in our case).  We're starting with a loss of a few months but I know we can get these things done.  I'm really looking forward to it actually!

We each chose three items to build our list. To make things easier on the hubs I gave him the categories below to help narrow his focus:
  • Something fun/adventurous.
  • Something to learn/grow together.
  • Something meaningful/romantic.

 Mario's Picks
  • Go to a Bobcats' game (specifically when they play the Heat).
  • Join a Bowling League.
  • Establish our Family Vision (print and post it in our home).

Nicole's Picks:
  • Visit Hawaii - Planned for June 2014!
  • Learn Tennis
  • Complete the Love Dare
I'm so excited to get started on these and to see how some of them will challenge us, and how others will bring us closer together!

What are some things you are doing to stay connected?!?

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  1. Awesome idea! The hubby and I have a few items on your list planned for us already, great minds think alike :)! Can't wait to hear about these adventures!

  2. Aw...this is such a great idea! (Taking notes)

  3. These are such great ideas Nicole! So wonderful that you guys nurture your marriage this way!

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