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Monday, September 09, 2013

Madison's 1st Week at Daycare

Last week was Madison's first week in an official daycare. Previously (for about 2 weeks) she'd been staying with a friend who is a SAHM until her spot opened up at the center. 
I took this photo months ago...I think it sums up her feelings about Daycare! I must admit that I didn't take pictures of her first week...
too overwhelmed with getting everything together to think about it. #badblogger

DAY 1 - We both had a rough time letting go.  I believe in the drop and go approach.  I don't want to linger and try to make her comfortable because it just drags out the process and makes it harder for the both of us.  I must say that I really like the director of the facility.  She sent me messages throughout Day 1 to let me know how she was doing.  She was very honest with me letting me know that she was sad pretty much all day but did eat and play when those times came.  Each day she's been the one that I hand Madison over to and I can tell that Maddie has grown a liking to her.

DAY 2 - Worse than Day 1.  Madison is a smart cookie and she knew what was going on the moment we pulled up.  The director warned me that this would be the case.  So, I was very quick with the drop off and the director sent me an email letting me know when she had settled down.

DAY 3 - More tears but as I walked out the door I heard Madison stop crying and say my name..."my mommy going".  #progress

DAY 4 - The same as Day 3.

Last week was a short week and I was quite thankful for that.  I'm sure Madison was too.  Her teacher seems to be very patient with her and I really like that as well.  Overall, I feel very comfortable with the center and although it's early I already feel like Madison is trying to communicate with me more.

THE DOWNSIDE- Sickness!  Madison is a thumb-sucker so I already knew she'd be more susceptible to catching things than most kids but who knew she'd pick something up the first week.  Not only did she get sick this week but Mario and I got sick as well.  I'm talking about sick, sick...I'll spare you the details!  I stayed home with her today and took her to the doctor just to make sure we were on the other side of this bug since we've been dealing with it all weekend.  Prayerfully, it won't get any worse than this.

Other than that, I'm quite happy with our choice of daycare and I feel that by the end of the month she'll be fairly comfortable with the idea of being away from me during the day.  Maybe next month the hubs and I can start hiring someone to babysit once or twice per month so we can resume our date nights.  Oh, how glorious that would be!!!




  1. Well it sounds like this is pretty standard. Of course she's going to need some time to get used to not being around you almost 24/7 but that's definitely what you both need!! Great job!

  2. yea for Madison! i am so glad a spot opened for her! with daycare now and days you almost need to put your child's name on the list before you conceive! so glad she had a great first week! her face is too presh here!

  3. I'm glad you found a place that you like...I know that was hard to do. And yay for her having progressively better days (until the sickness, of course). I hope you're all feeling much better!

  4. Awww! Momma Bear! It will all be ok! I used to volunteer at various Head Start centers and let me tell you the parents have the hardest time. The kid cries when you are there then you leave and they play and make friends and have fun. :-) I'm glad you two are getting in the swing of the school dance.


  5. I couldn't wait for this blog to see how it went! I agree it's harder for you but you guys will work it out as usual. Love u guys!

  6. Awww, this post made me sad but the bright side is that it will only get better and better over time!! And it may be cool to let her go part time (2-3days/week) and let her stay with the other SAHM for a few more months or so on the other days. I can only imagine the adjustment...

  7. so glad that daycare went biggest fear is daycare and we have yet to experience it!!

  8. I'm glad it's going well. My kids have been in daycare since they were about 10 weeks old and while it's hard to leave them it does get easier.


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