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Monday, September 16, 2013

A Double Ear Infection

Forgive my absence here lately...let me explain.
After the doctor's appt...Maddie's first smile in quite some time after discovering that the Map (from Dora) was on her sticker :)!!!

Madison started getting sick on Friday (9/6/13) but it wasn't really affecting how she felt.  By Monday, I took her to the doctor just to make sure it wasn't more serious than I thought.  Come Wednesday things seemed worse so I took another day off just to try to keep her comfortable.  

This past Friday night Mario and I had had enough.  Her demeanor was that of pure pain and exhaustion and her cough seemed volatile.  Her temperature came in at 103.5 and that was an armpit measurement so all of you know that means she was actually hotter than that (I just didn't want to make her even more uncomfortable by taking it rectally).  Saturday morning we took her to the doctor and sure enough she had a double ear infection.  Please note that Maddie has NEVER had an ear infection her entire life!  Ok, that's just 18 months but again, you should know that that is a BIG deal.  

All of this sickness came after being at daycare for just one week! ONE WEEK!  Now, I have nothing against the center at all because I honestly expected her to get sick and to do so early simply because she's never been in that type of environment, she never really gets sick and she's a thumb sucker.  So, I knew she'd be exposed to so many new things (i.e. germs) and that it would definitely have an affect on her, I just didn't expect it to be as bad as it was.

Mario and I really had a rough week.  Not just rough in the sense of not getting rest and getting sick ourselves but it was rough just seeing her get worse and seeing her not being herself.  It's been hard to watch her cough and hear her breathing and not feeling like there was a whole lot we could do about it.  It really made us think about whether I really needed to work.  Luckily, Saturday's diagnosis calmed us both down enough to think rationally.  Now that she's starting to feel better we're able to think clearly and we're praying that this is the worst we'll have to go through in regards to daycare.  

So, that explains my absence here.  I definitely have so much to talk about and I hope to get a few posts scheduled for the rest of the month...but I make no promises :)!  Do hang in there anyway, my friends!  I'll be talking about homemade BBQ sauce and chicken on Wednesday and it's easy peasy!!!

Until then....



  1. Aww, I'm so sorry! I know how you feel. :( Two of our kids have had yucky ear problems. Ear infections always popped up towards the end of summer for us. We're all a little sniffly and congested when the seasons change.

  2. Sorry to hear about Maddie! I'm praying that she feels better soon and that you guys are able to get some rest too!

  3. It really is so hard when they don't feel well. Thank goodness for amazing antibiotics that can help with the infections. I hope everyone gets back to normal there quickly. You've been going through some big changes, so I know you're ready for your "new normal" to begin!

  4. It's nice to see that sweet smile again!! My little Aly got sick after her first week of daycare too. Hope Maddie keeps getting better everyday!!!

    Fashion, Floss and Lip Gloss

  5. WOW poor Nana's baby. Glad to hear she's better now. Keeping you guys in my prayers and as usual-- Love you guys!!

  6. Oh man ... I remember the first week we took Rey to daycare. She got a double inner ear infection almost immediately. I wanted to cry. Hope miss Maddie is feeling better!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo


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