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Monday, September 30, 2013

Favorite Things - September

The month of September has been a fine month indeed, full or growth, fun and a little bit of exhaustion since we've been so busy :).  Here are a few of my favorite moments of the month...

ONE - Getting dressed to impress for Mario's 10 year High School Reunion! I hope to share some of the details later this week but know that we had such an amazing time...and looked great while doing it ;)!

TWO - Purging!  Maddie recently turned 19 months old and it was starting to show with her clothes.  I spent this weekend buying new, bigger items, packing things to store just in case the next one is a girl and packing the rest to take to Goodwill.

THREE - Babysitting my little cousin, Poppy (Tasha's son)! I really enjoy watching him and Madison interact.  He's such a boy and he makes Mario and I long for a son every time!
 Toddler "Jenga" - How high can you stack the blocks without them falling down.

FOUR - Fall is here! Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons.  Fall because of it's fashion and comfort food.  Yummy soups and sweet treats.  In addition to apple crisps, cakes and cookies, I also see pecan, sweet potato and apple pie in my future...and I am not ashamed!

FIVE - Potatoes! Speaking of comfort food...I made this simple dish over the weekend.  Tune in on Wednesday for the recipe!
Baked Potato Casserole

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