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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Obsession w/ Activia {Recipe + Review}

I don't like yogurt.

I was never a fan of the texture and consistency of yogurt so I gave up on trying it.  Then Maddie came along and I thought oh, yogurt would be a great snack with the protein and active cultures and all. So, I went on a quest to find a yogurt that I could at least tolerate.  You know, since kids never eat all of anything!

I tried every brand you can think of, even Greek, thinking that it's thicker texture would do the trick but noooo....disgusting! Activia was my last resort!

Why last, you say?!? Because if I'm being honest I always thought of Activia for the, uh, "older" crowd. To help with, um, irregularities.  At least that's what the commercials portray with Jamie Lee Curtis and all, am I right?!?  So I just never gave it a second thought as a go-to choice.

Boy, was I wrong.  This yogurt has become one of MY favorite snacks.  It's only 110 calories which is good for me, it has 4 grams of protein which is needed for my little picky eater, Maddie, and some good bacteria for us both :)!

The yogurt is pretty yummy all by itself but lately I've been chopping up a few strawberries to add to Madison's for a little something different and at least once a week I make us a green smoothie using it! Talk about delicious!!! Check out the easy recipe below...

1 Banana (ripe)
1/2 tsp Flaxseed (ground)
1 Container of Activia, vanilla
Handful of Spinach (as much as you'd like)
Ice (or peel/chop and freeze the banana overnight instead of using ice)
With this combination you get your fruit, veggies, protein and fiber all in one! 

 Simple and delicious!
Seriously, give Activia a try! 
The vanilla flavor is the best, but hey, I'm bias!

{Disclosure}: The product mentioned in this post and review was not sponsored nor am I affiliated with the manufacturer of this product. I purchased this product for my own personal use. Thus, the opinions expressed in this post are solely my own.



  1. LOL! When I saw Activia in the title, my 1st thought was, "that's for old people"! Too funny but too cool! I feel like we are struggling to get into a flow of healthier eating. It has been coming in waves, with more attention being put on other areas of life then swinging back around to healthier eating. And I too have a little picky eater in Poppy. The other kids are better but I still want to inclease their veggie and fruit intake. Thanks for posting!

    1. Exactly, I don't know why they cater the commercials to old people. Yogurt is definitely a snack for all ages. I totally feel you on the eating healthy thing. It's a really hard lifestyle to maintain, I don't care what anybody says. We're doing well as far as eating the right things but I feel like we still aren't getting enough (particularly of veggies) and I feel like we eat too much sugar (since I bake A LOT, I can't help it, lol)!

      And I don't know what to do about the picky eater. I'm sure people think I'm starving her. At least Poppy has some meat on his bones!

  2. Replies
    1. It really is, give it a try and let me know how you like it :)!

  3. I've been wondering about Activia. You're right...I always associate it with older people...but I'm definitely going to try it. I've trained myself to like yogurt...for all the reasons you gave...and have just started liking it. I really like smoothies this is going to be great!

    1. Such weird advertising since it's definitely a snack for all ages! I'm interested to see how you feel about this one so let me know what you think when you give it a go!

  4. I can relate to not being a big fan of yogurt. I also assumed Activia was geared toward the older crowd, but if it has a better taste than the other brands out there; I'm definitely willing to give it a try! I love the pics too


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