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Friday, August 02, 2013

Learning How to Drink from a Cup

Teaching a toddler to drink from a cup

What we used:

  • Large cutting board
  • Small cup(s)
  • Pitcher of water
  • Paper towels
  • Bib
  • Music (for fun :))!

What we did:

  • I setup a little "tea party" outside but with water...
  • I laid the blanket out and set the cutting board down then placed the pitcher, cups and paper towels on top.
  • I put a bib on the little lady, turned to the Disney station on Pandora and let the "party" begin!

I showed her how to bring the cup to her mouth and also guided her in doing so a few times then let her do it on her own for the rest of the "party".  There were accidents along the way, of course, but that was the point of using water as well as doing the activity outside on a hot summer day.  She was so over it after spilling a cup or two on her dress and wondered around the yard to play.

I would ask after a few minutes if she wanted a drink of water and would pour her another cup to encourage her to give it another try.  She would play around with it sometimes but would eventually use the cup properly.  By the time the water ran out she thought she was a pro by trying to use one hand off :)!

What she's learning:

Daily Life skills - How to drink from a regular cup.
Hand eye coordination - How to bring the cup to her mouth (w/o spilling it's contents).
Visual Tracking - Following the cup with her eyes as she brings it from the board to her mouth and vice versa.

What I learned:  Although I used a small cup here I suggest using a larger cup with small amounts of liquid when you're in the house in the beginning stages of this process. I've found that Madison tends to tip the cup early as she's bringing the cup towards her body because she's curious and wants to see the liquid.  So larger cups have definitely prevented unintentional spills.  I also wanted to note that as of right now we're using both a regular cup and a sippy cup.  It just depends on what we're doing as to which one we use but my goal is to have her fully transitioned to a regular cup by the end of August (18 month's old).

In summary, we definitely had a pretty good time out on the lawn that day and ended it with rock counting, objects in which she seems to be obsessed with lately (she even wants to bring them in the house).  So I'm making the most of her love for them by counting them constantly.  But that's a post for another day...


At what age did you transition your toddler to a regular cup?!?
Maddie is 17 months old.

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  1. Aww .. love all the photos! It's crazy how fast they learn isn't it?

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

    1. Thanks, dear, and certainly! She's totally a sponge right now!

  2. OMG Look at Nana's big girl!!! You know she think she had it with the "one hand" action LOL :) Love you guys~~~

    1. Lol, you know she did! She cracks me all to pieces, Hattie! We love you too :)!

  3. Way to show off with the one hand Maddie ;)
    Too cute!!


  4. Looks like that was a piece of cake for her. Bring on the next milestone she says :)

    1. It certainly was, Angie, it surprised me a bit! Apparently, I underestimate her!

  5. Awww kids learning is too cute! Now Onto CAKE!


    Danielle Faith

    Danielle Faith
    My Beauty Empowers Me!

    1. Yes, it has been so much fun watching her learn and grow! And yes, she certainly deserved something sweet...cookies it was!

  6. Honestly, I am not really sure what age my children transitioned to a cup. It just sort of happened. I can remember them walking over to me and giving them a drink out of my cup and eventually allowing them to hold it themselves.

    I know I started out with kid sized cups that were easier for their little hands to hold.

    I love how intentional you are about teaching her. I wish I had been that way.

    Be blessed,


    1. Thanks, Sophia! I can attest that it started off with her drinking from my cup at first too. But the backwash started to get the best of me, lol, so I figured I'd show her how so that she could have her own cup! So glad I did!

      I hope you're doing well, dear :)!

  7. I love finding a kindred spirit online...skydiving, sahm, birth, breastfeeding, and the same blog font? Haha! :) Love your blog, and your daughter is so cute. My son is almost 11 months, but I decided to skip the sippy cup all together...he pretty much drinks from a regular cup now (assisted, of course)! I am hoping that when he becomes a toddler the transition to doing it on his own will be easier for him. -Andrea

    1. Ha! Agreed, it's definitely hard finding kindred spirits in the blogosphere! I think it's so neat that you were able to skip the sippy cup altogether. Do you find it difficult when you travel and/or out and about?!?


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