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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Favorite Things {August}

The month of August has been quite lovely for us after a pretty stressful, trying July!  We've actually had a bunch of amazing things happen to us back to back.  So here are just a few of my favorite things from August...

ONE - This beautiful, witty, little girl turning a year and a half (woot)!!!

TWO - Starting my new job and really enjoying it thus far!

THREE - Getting my car fixed (it was parked in our driveway for about 2+ months).

FOUR - Being taken out to lunch (I'm talking free, people) several times over the past two weeks since I started my new job (yeah, congrats to me)!

FIVE - Cutting off all my hair and LOVING it!

I took this photo after I crawled out of bed and simply ran my fingers through my hair...brilliant!

SIX - Yesterday was my first PAYDAY in quite some time!!!

I'm so about to start jamming to {this} again!

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The PINcentive Blog Hop...Coming Soon!


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