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Monday, July 08, 2013

Out of Power

This is what we had to resort to for a few hours one night last week. Let me explain...

We had a partial power outage on Monday of last week.  Up until then, I didn't know a partial outage was possible.  There have been a lot of storms and a lot of raining going on here lately but this outage had nothing to do with that.  Nor does it have anything to do with our bill.

You see, we have a gas furnace that we replaced a few months ago and prior to that we suspected it had a gas leak.  When the gas company came to check things out they dug holes in our front and back yard and guess what? They hit not only the cable line (which they repaired) but apparently they nicked ONE of the underground power lines as well.  

So when the power went out on the entire downstairs floor, with the exception of the television and the refrigerator (praise God for the person who decided to put those two items on a different circuit), my husband and I were initially confused, a little frustrated and hot (it shut down the AC, yikes)!  After an hour of tinkering with the fuse box (for some reason I thought one class of Electrical Engineering in college had taught me something...NOT) we decided we'd hang out upstairs and call an electrician in the morning. 

Being the woman that I am, I couldn't let it go so I decided to give Duke-Energy (formerly known as Progress-Energy) a shot! And guess what? They said they'd be there within the next two hours and they were! They arrived at 12:35 am and worked to 2:30 am digging yet another hole, at least it was in one of the same spots, of course, to repair the split wire.  While they were doing this they had to shut down the power to the entire house, hence the candles you see in the above photo.  According to the electrician with all the rain we've been having lately that exposed wire eventually broke down and split completely after being nicked.

Me:  "Easy peasy repair."
Electrician:  "Not really, but I've seen worse!"
Me:  Well, consider yourself a lifesaver! Thank you SO much!"

Seriously, I was incredibly thankful!  So, just keep that in mind if you run into power issues with your home; calling the power company first probably saved us a ton of money!


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  1. Wow! I'm so glad they were help to you and that you're fridge was still operating. :)

    1. Me too, Heather! As soon as it shut down my first thoughts were why is the tv still running and oh man, the food! It turned out to be a very unique situation that wasn't all that bad!

  2. That's great your fridge was running and they responded pretty quickly to you!!!


    1. I agree, Amber! They were pretty awesome about the whole situation, especially considering how much time it took and how late it was!

  3. Wow, that's crazy!!! i'm surprised they came so quickly!


    1. You and me both, Angela! I learned that they actually have to come within two hours of you calling to report the outage, no matter the hour! Pretty neat!

  4. No way, I had no idea partial outages were possible like that. Good they came and got it fixed quickly

    1. Me either, Emmy! I was excited about how quick they responded and got things done as well!


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