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Monday, July 01, 2013

Monthly Measures {#7}


So my June commitments consisted of:

  • Drink water only (or milk) and more of it. - Commendable!
  • No sugar/sweets except honey (excluding my birthday on Wednesday :))! - Needs Work, I cheated with Chips Ahoy cookies that I got from a friend for my birthday.
  • Complete {this} 15 minute ab challenge each day. - I didn't do this at all! 

For the month of July, my focus will be to:

  • Continue to drink more water.
  • Eat more fruits (2 cups) and vegetables (3 cups).
  • Try {this} ab routine instead!

I'll let you know how it goes!

Check out my guest post on Tasha's blog to see how I plan to go about monitoring my fruit and vegetable intake!

 Monthly Weigh-In: 155.1lbs <-- Not bad but I definitely need to focus!
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  1. I couldn't go without sweets. I just couldn't...ahhh!!! How did you get through that? (And I don't think 1 thing of Chips ahoy counts as cheating) :-)

  2. Man, going without sweets for me is a tough one! I have been cutting down on them though. I've been training myself to only eat 1 desert once a week or on the weekends. :) That workout looks intense. I've been trying to build muscle so I'll have to give it a try! :) Keep up the good work girl!!


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