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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Maddie's Hair Care Regimen

Yes, my friends, that's a satin bonnet on my daughter's head! She's been wearing one to bed since she turned one and she wears it well, if I may say so myself :)!

Toddler Hair Care (African American Hair)

As an African American it is essential that we cover our heads with some sort of material, such as silk or satin, that is as non-absorbent as possible in order to keep the moisture/oils from leaching out of our tresses while our heads are lying on something.

Maddie has a very unique, beautiful texture to her hair.  It's very curly and oftentimes appears shorter than it actually is because of her tight coils.  But no matter it's texture or length my goal is to make sure it's healthy!

So, in addition to wearing the satin bonnet (nightly) her hair routine consists of the following:

Maddie has what I call a "hair chair" that is used on hair wash days (usually Saturdays).  This chair is only used for this purpose so that she knows what to expect when she sees me pull it out.  During wash days I sit her in the chair with my Kindle and I detangle, moisturize and seal, then set her hair for church the next day.

This sounds like a bit much for a toddler but I promise you it's not as complicated as it sounds. It takes me all of 10-15 minutes to do it all after she's gotten out of the tub.  The main point is to create a routine that she can become familiar with so that as she gets older and her hair gets longer, and takes a bit more time to manage, that she is already accustomed to the process!

So that's that!  I use Rory's amazing blog, Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care, as my go-to resource for maintaining my toddler's natural, healthy hair.

Do you find it easy or difficult to manage your little one's tresses?!?

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