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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sick Days...

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When I worked in Corporate America I had "sick days".  If I didn't feel well I could just call into work sick (w/ pay at that)!  But now when I get sick there are no days off!  I don't get to call into parenting sick, although I wish I could!

I caught a terrible cold and have felt like crap all week, but little Maddie who had had her bout with pollen last week, was live (read: into everything) and well!  Nothing was going to keep her down, not even a sick mommy!

So in the mist of my sickness I've had to continue to get up each morning and make her breakfast, play and teach and cuddle even.  Why? Because she still needs me!  Whether I'm sick or I'm down or having a bad day, that little girl is always as happy as can be and needs me to provide for her needs each day.  Even if that means we're stuck in the house for a couple of days and learning time is spent with me lying on the floor singing ABCs and 123s instead of the usual interactive play, I still have to get up and get to "work" no matter what!

Of course, when she sleeps I sleep and as soon as Daddy gets home I'm usually trying to pass her off to him!

But sometimes, like on Monday, all she wanted was me and who could deny such a
<-----pretty face!

Seriously though, wouldn't it be nice if you really could call into parenting sick?!? I wonder what that program would look like :)!

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  1. Thanks so much, Amy! I'm working on it :)!

  2. Hattie Hambrick4/20/13, 1:25 AM

    Hope u are better now, Tell Mario to give Maddie a kiss cuz I don't want u to pass urs on LOL :) Love u guys~~~~~


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