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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


A year or two before I lost my mom I bought her {this} book to fill out as a mother's day gift.  It asked a lot of questions about her life and things she liked, how she felt about each of her children, her career choice... everything!

When my brothers and I went through her things to decide what we wanted to keep I went straight for the bookshelf.  Not looking for this particular book because I had actually forgotten about it...but I just wanted books of hers, any books, because she had given me a passion for reading and it was just our thing!

But when I saw the book I got very excited and tucked it away to read by myself when I got home.  No doubt her words made me cry and miss her all the more but they also helped me learn things about her that I'd never thought to ask or would never really come up in a conversation.

It made me wish that I had spent more time talking to her about she felt about life, about marriage about parenting.  She died ~four months before I gave birth to Madison and I remember my chiropractor unknowingly saying that I should ask my mother how her labor went with me to sort of get a feel for how my labor might be.  I left that appointment defeated because I never thought to ask those things and I desperately wanted and needed to know those answers!

For this reason, among so many others that are continually arising, I continue to pour my heart out into this blog.  I want my child(ren) to have a place to go where they can read stories about how they came to be, when they were born, how they were raised! I want them to see the love I have for God, for their father, for them!  I want them to read about my thoughts on love, marriage and parenting  and a number of countless other things. Of course I plan to share these thoughts and express my love to them daily but I'm talking about chronicling memories for when I am gone!

It is my hope that this will be a place that they will keep coming back to time and time again as I grow old and beyond!  This space is a reflection of who I am, how I'm feeling and what I stand for during each phase of my life. It's a place where they'll see me love, grow, change, live and learn, and, prayerfully, be an example that they will be proud to follow!

One day they're sure to appreciate this...I'm most certain of it!

*My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the Boston Marathon explosion(s)*


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  1. Hattie Hambrick4/16/13, 11:57 PM

    This is great Nicole. Did you say "they" in the posting? Is there something I need to know??? LOL Love you guys~~~~

  2. Ha, ha, ha! Thanks, Hattie! And NO ma'am, I am referring to my way in the future children as well! You know we love you too!!!


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