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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First Things First...

Today I am linking up with Halie for First Things First!

1. First thing you would do/buy if you won the lottery?  We'd obviously give 10% to our church! Our pastor likes to joke about how we shouldn't gamble but if we were to win we'd better make sure we're paying our tithe :)! 

We'd then pay off our mortgage (and rent out this home) and buy a bigger home since we plan to grow our family and know that this home would not accommodate us long term.  We also would pay off any remaining debt that we have (i.e. student loans, etc.) then put away a percentage for our children, go on an international vacation and help family and friends pay off debt (up to a certain amount).  

Hopefully I'd win a lot considering all I'd like to do with it!

2. First person you call when you get amazing news?
Definitely my husband, Mario! I'd then call my two aunts (and let them spread the news to the rest of the family), and finally I'd call my best friends!

3. First thing you do when you've had a bad day?
I usually eat something sweet (bad idea, I know) then call Mario! If my day hasn't turned around by dinner time then I like to go for a drive by myself or out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants alone.  I hardly ever have days where it gets to that point but it does happen!

So there you have it, First Things First! I'd love to hear your answers too!


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  1. You definitely do have a lot of ideas for if you won the lottery, but none of them are selfish, so you go girl!! :) Glad you joined in a linked up with us today! :)

  2. thanks for linking up with us today! I LOVE that you tell your aunts and they tell everyone else. That is the way to go!

  3. I do the same something sweet. Oh to win the lottery....wouldn't that be amazing?!


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