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Thursday, March 14, 2013

High Five for Friday Favorites

My favorite moments from this week consisted of...

ONE - Sauteed Sausage w/ Veggies and Rice! I made this Monday night and it was absolutely delicious!
My best friend IRL, Mionna, posted this recipe on her blog the other day, after I begged her to, of course, and I'm so glad she did! It will probably be on next week's menu as well.
Click {here} for her recipe!

TWO - Watching this girl start to work with her fork and spoon when eating. We have a very, very, very long ways to go with her using it properly, but it's a start! She only just turned one, you know!

THREE - Watching her sleep, which brings me so much joy, and a little quiet, during the day :)!

FOUR- This concoction I made for the girl since it turned out to be a hit!

FIVE - Blueberries! I know they aren't quite in season but I'm excited about them nonetheless and plan to make some muffins with them next week...

...and I just realized that there is a lot of food in this post!!!

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Linking up today with Lauren at From My Grey Desk , Rachel at Finding Joy and Rachel at Let Them Eat Cake.

This week, I'm loving Thief, by Third Day...they throw an amazing concert too!

Enjoy "today" everyday!!!


  1. I love, love, love this!! And it looks like Maddie did too!!

  2. The food looks yummy, Maddie is sooooo sooooo sooooo adorable and Third Day is my favorite favorite! For Valentines, the hubby bought me tickets to their concert next month in Greeensboro!
    -Natasha @ Lovely You

  3. I love all of the food in this post! LOL I guess I need to start marketing my blog on Bloglovin' more often. Have a great weekend!


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