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Sunday, March 31, 2013

An Easter Basket...

Truth be told, I didn't think Maddie needed an Easter basket...she's a one year old!

I'm the type of parent that feels like children don't really need things such as this introduced to them until they are:

-Aware of what it is
-Actually care about and is excited about it and...
-Start requesting it!

With that said, I haven't pierced her ears and I don't plan to get a pet any time soon and I didn't think an Easter basket was necessary either!

But, Mario insisted that we get one for whatever I gave in with the exception that I make it!  Why?!?  Because I thought it would be a waste to buy a pre-made basket full of stuff I wasn't going to let her eat or stuff that she wasn't going to need or be interested in!

The basket I made for her consisted of...

-Colorful Clay
-Plum Organics breakfast pouches
-Colorful Onesies
-CD of nursery rhymes, including her favorite song, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
-One Chocolate Bunny w/ a Tinker Bell DVD (from her godfather, thanks Chaz)!!!

...and I threw a few eggs in there and a bow to make it all Easter-esque!

Simple enough right! Well, sort of, since I probably would have come out a lot cheaper with a pre-made basket but, hey, she's going to use every bit of this stuff (except maybe the worries, it won't go to waste ;))!

What do you think about Easter baskets? Did you buy or make your(s)?!?


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  1. Awww. Maybe kids need to know about the ritual from their early age :)

    1. I suppose, Areeba! But I do believe that she would have an understanding of it more by the time she is three of four, which is still considered early age, in my opinion!

  2. I just love this pic of her!! If I had babies...I would be on board with you. There's no need to indulge in this things they won't even remember! Just my thoughts!!

    1. Thanks so much, Mionna! When I sat her down and she smiled like such it just warmed my heart and made for the perfect Easter picture!!! I so love it too and I'm so glad you agree! It just makes so much sense, in my opinion!!!

  3. Look at the little beauty. I agree with you. No need to buy things that she won't use or need. Since I was still quite young when I had my babies, much of what I did was based on what my mom did. I'm blessed she was there, but I wish I had done things a little bit differently.


    1. Thanks, Sophia, and exactly! I'm just doing my best to be mindful of the things we introduce and when we introduce it so that it's not a waste. I do wish my mother was here to give me her input though, but I'm certain I'd still do things my way (as I've always been a bit different and independent in that way)!!!

  4. awww she got some great stuff in her basket. I'm sure she loved it all. esp the Tink stuff. All I got is 2 shirts and peeps which are my fave. hope you all have a blessed Easter.

    1. Thanks, Laney She absolutely loves Tink, so yes, I'm sure that's the best thing in the basket to her! We had a lovely Easter and I hope yours was the same!!!

  5. I always make my kids Easter Baskets. I figure if I'm going to spend money it should be on things they are going to use and like! It is a bit more expensive but at least it isn't wasted!

    1. Exactly, Angie!!! It does cost more but it's definitely worth more since I know they'll like / use EVERYTHING included!!!


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