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Monday, March 25, 2013

A few things...

Hello friends!

Isn't she the cutest...

This is my favorite picture of her from our photo shoot!

But enough drooling over the girl! The picture and this post are SO unrelated!

I just wanted to make you aware of a few things:

My Blogiversary is next month! Wooty woot!!! Can you believe it! On April 25th it'll be a year since I started this little ol' blog of mine.  You can read my very first post {here}! It's decent :)!

Now, when I first got started I only posted sporadically for the first six months or so since Maddie still had that new baby smell and all!  I started posting consistently in November and since then I've been totally obsessed with blogging. So, me and a bunch of friends will be giving away $250 via Paypal on April 25th in celebration!!! Please do stop by for a chance to win!!! And it's not too late to contribute either, just shoot me an email by May 31st!

Also, I've written an eBook!* No, really, I have! I've been thinking about writing a book for a while now so I finally put pen to paper, or should I say fingers to keys...oh whatever...I made it happen! What is it about, you ask?!?  You'll just have to wait and see!  But know that it's something special just for bloggers, from me to you!

Lastly, I wanted to make sure people were aware of the free button swap feature on my {Advertise} page! I'm not so sure about how I feel about the effectiveness of buttons on the side of one's blog. Yeah, I believe that people click on them occasionally but I'm not so sure if it's done enough for there to be a cost associated with it. In post Ads...maybe! In-post highlights, features, guest posts, discussions...yeah, sure! But sidebar...ummm, not so much! So I decided that at this time I'd just like to do swaps along my sidebar. So have at it!!!

*I'm looking for three bloggers to review / proofread the eBook and provide feedback.
It's a quick and easy read; however, you will be required to sign a confidentiality / non-disclosure agreement. 
If interested, please send an email to for more details with the subject line : eBook Review!


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  1. Yes - your little girl is just adorable! Love your blog!

  2. She is too cute... congrats on the e-book!

    Mrs. Delightful

  3. She is so precious. Her outfit is absolutely adorable :)

  4. Awesome, Awesome about your ebook and Maddie is darling! I can't believe it's almost been a year since you've been blogging! Keep up the awesome work!
    -Natasha @ Lovely You

  5. Ms. Madison is too cute in this pic! Congrats on everything you have coming up girly! I can't wait to check out that e-book!

  6. You are doing such great things Ms. Lady!

    P.S. - I love the updated pics on the side!

  7. Hi there. Just letting you know I'm your newest follower. I'm Laney and from and I'd love for you to follow me back. What a great looking family you have. As well as a precious daughter. She rocked that picture. :D

  8. You had me at Madison...<3 Our littles share the same name. I love your blog and I love your 3 things you wished to know prior to blogging. See you again soon.


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