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Friday, February 22, 2013

Madison Lynn - From Pregnancy to Birth {Part 5}

This is it!  The finale to this wonderful story that is our own!!!
Be sure to catch up by reading Parts 1 - 4 by scrolling to the bottom and working your way up!

Now where were we...

Oh, yeah! It's time to PUSH!!!

So Mario is holding my hand, Tracy has my right leg and my Aunt Tasha has my left, you know, the numb one, and Dr. Jameson is all set. I glance at the clock, it's nearly 12:50am.

All I have to do is push when she says push. Sure! Easy peasy!

No really, it was easy peasy. When she said push, I pushed. When she said stop I stopped and I rested until the next push while she stretched and maneuvered and did whatever was needed to make things easier for me. Everyone was telling me I was doing great, and I was, dag-on-it! There was no screaming, hollering, crying and carrying on like you see in the movies, or in real life if that's your story, just push then breath, push then breath and before we knew it, we heard the second greatest sound we've ever heard...her crying out for the very first time...

At 1:06am on February 26th, 2012, after ~15 minutes of active labor, our greatest creation, Madison Lynn, was born...
Special thanks to whomever had my camera and captured these moments, and so many more, that we have to cherish forever!

She was (and still is) the epitome of perfection! Weighing in at 7lbs, 5.6 oz and ~21in long. She was handed to me immediately and I kissed her, a bit hesitantly as she was still covered in, uh, stuff...and I cuddled her, and you know it...I cried!

I cried with tears of joy as I held this beautiful life, that we created, for the very first time!!!

In the mean time, my amazing doctor stitched up my 1st degree tear and I didn't notice a, she was brilliant!

The nurses took Madison for a few moments and cleaned her up, and as soon as they were done I held her tight and latched her on like we were both pros! No need to be jealous, the next day I cried with defeat trying to get her to latch properly and thought I wouldn't make it a solid month breastfeeding. But I am happy to say we've made it an entire year exclusively breastfeeding and I contribute our success to that initial session...and an amazing lactation consultant :)!

And this guy...well, he was the happiest guy on the planet. Can't you tell?!? Completely in love and absolutely, positively wrapped around her finger from the moment he held her in his arms (although he's still in denial about that last part)!

But just look at her! You would be too...

We spent one day in the hospital and finally got to go home.  Meanwhile, the girl just kept getting cuter and cuter...

Then, day seven arrived and we met our family photographer Lauren at Lauren Garrison Photographer in her warm, cozy, in-home studio where she captured our cute and cuddly little bundle in the most beautiful ways imaginable.  If you've been following me for some time then you've seen these photos but I can't help but share them here again as the closing to our beautiful story.

Enjoy :)...

Madison Lynn, we love you, to the moon and back!!!



  1. oh my goodness this is a beautiful post! your little girl is adorable and i can't imagine how you are feeling! so much joy! I am due in July and cannot wait to meet my little peanut :) AND you have eased my mind about the labor part... i was pretttttty scared about that one!

    1. Oh yay, Denise! So glad I could help ease your fears. Your body will know exactly what to do when it's time, so I'm certain you'll be just fine! Btw, your blog is beautiful, Denise!!! I look forward to reading your birth story this coming summer! Good luck to you and yours :)!

  2. Lucky, lucky you! Very beautiful.

  3. she's so beautiful. and lucky you you're able to get those details on your pregnancy. most preg women were not able to do that.

    1. Thanks, Phioxee! I feel so lucky and blessed to have her and to remember all the details precisely, a year after the fact! The hubby did help me with a few details though :)! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  4. What amazing photographs! And what a beautiful baby! Congratulations.

    1. Awww thanks, Deidre! Just read a few of your posts and I can tell I'm going to love your blog already, so real with such a great sense of humor (probably without even trying)! So nice to "meet" you!!!

  5. What an awesome and amazing story! Maddie is a doll baby!!!

  6. I've so enjoyed reading your Madison stories! I love baby stories!
    And her baby pictures-OH SO precious!

  7. Lactation consultants SAVED me!! I was probably not going to make it breastfeeding but luckily they helped a lot! What a beautiful baby!

  8. Oh man she is so cute I can hardly stand it! And your story is beautiful! Sounds like you did an amazing job!


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