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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tips for Moving (...with a baby)!

Since my friend Myranda is in the process of moving this week I'm over at her place, 
Pretty Living PDX,
guest posting about moving with a newborn! I give a few tips that can be used for moving, in general...whether a baby is in tow or not!

Lauren Garrison Photography
Yes, I LOVE our family photographer, don't you?! She even put Maddie on her site!

ONE - Pack gradually...
TWO - Seek helper(s) <--yes, multiple...
THREE - One of you will do more work (way more)...
FOUR - Invest in a baby carrier...
FIVE - Hire someone to clean...
SIX - Setup bedrooms first (especially the nursery)...
SEVEN - Hire a sitter (if you must)...

Stop by for in-depth explanations of the above and say hello to Myranda!


Oh, and check out Katie and Jena too while you're at it (these ladies are too cute)!

Katie Did What Katie Did What
If you're here from either Myranda'sKatie's or Jena's I'm SO happy to have you, please stay awhile and browse around!!!


  1. These are great tips! Definitely stowing them away for when I have my own babies! ;)

    Thanks for linking up, as always, cute girl!


  2. LOL Nicole, you are too cute. :) I see where Maddie gets it from...


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