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Monday, January 28, 2013


Would you like to Sponsor Pharr Away

Blogging is SO involved! I've learned that it's all about having fun, meeting new people, sharing ideas, learning from others and so much more.  But a big part of blogging is also about networking!  In order to gain exposure and bring awareness to your blog it's important to not only engage in the community but promote yourself as well.  This is best done by working with others.  I have found that I truly enjoy working with / helping other bloggers, especially if it means they'll grow in the process.  I'd love to work with you next month, and beyond perhaps, by building you up in any way that I can.  Simply check out my Advertise page to see what I have to offer!  

Let's work together to grow together!

With the Kindle Fire Giveaway coming up in just days (Jan 30th - Feb 6th, shameless plug, I know, I know!) 
and the Valentine's Day Giveaway (a Kitchen Aid Mixer, sweet!),
hosted by Emily at Newlywed Moments, that I'll be a part of Feb 7th - 14th
 you're bound to see a LOT of traffic come your way through sponsoring
...I'm just saying!!!

Oh,and speaking of networking...
I'll be going to Bloggy Conference 2013 in Ohio this September (I'm beyond excited)!
I hope to see a few of you there!!!


Meet this month's amazing sponsor:
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