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Friday, January 25, 2013

Letters To My Former Single Self - Wk #1

Questions {Week 1}:
What did you think about relationships when you were little? 
What do you think about them now?

Dear naive, little Nicole (who thinks she knows it all),

You're as cute as a button but you won't realize it until you're a grown woman and have spent way too much time looking for love in all the wrong places due to your low self-esteem. That awkwardness and those weird hairdos will transform into a gorgeous young lady with a pretty cool style by high school. But even though you come into your looks by high school you still won't quite realize it and that's okay. You'l learn a lot from the failed relationships, and all the hurt, and you'll eventually learn to love yourself first so that you can love another properly!

You'll eventually find out that relationships are a two way street, and that they aren't about you giving all of yourself (and resources) with hardly anything in return.

Since you've been hurt so often, you'll eventually get to the point where you don't trust anybody and believe that there is no such thing as real love. You'll think that a loving, lasting marriage is a hoax and you won't be caught dead in one...but just you wait, you'll find someone who you'll be willing to follow to the ends of the earth and all the things you thought you knew about love and marriage will fade away.

Know that you're an amazing woman, with so much to offer and that "the one" will be the luckiest man on earth (b/c he is :)) and he'll know it and show it (b/c he does :))!!!

When you're older you'll soon find out that marriage is hard and takes a lot of work, but you'll never be happier so it's beyond worth it!

You'll find an amazing man who'll pray for you, encourage you, build you up and support you like you never knew was possible and he'll love you with that Corinthians 13:4-8 kind of love that you've always yearned for but didn't think existed!

Lastly, when you finally do get married, always remember that your relationship is between you, your mate and God only (w/ Him at the center), and your marriage will be lasting and full of love, and will stand the test of time!!!

Your happily married self!

Get your post ready for next week - Question {Week 2}:
What did you think about dating and marriage the year before you met "the one?"

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  1. The photo of your wedding is so beautiful thank you for sharing your stories!
    Your new freind,

  2. Relationships really are a two way street.

    And oh my goodness...I do love this photo of you. You went to Northwest didn't you?

  3. That photo of you is just too cute! :)

  4. So true! All of these letters I read-oh how I wish I could really go back in time and tell myself all of this!

    You were an adorable kiddo!

  5. I wish to go back in time and tell me tween self not to eat much potato. I am so chubby because of your potato love :(

    Aree With Umbrella

  6. Thank you so much for sharing. I also thought marriage was not for me...and that I'd spend my life touring in Europe. Ha! Thanks for linking up! (Adorable pic, by the way!)

  7. I'm here through Wifessionals and your letters to your former self. I'm a new follower and happy to be here! I can already tell I love your blog. Especially looking at pictures of your daughter...OH MY GOODNESS what a beautiful family.

  8. What a beautiful, thoughtful post. I adore the picture of the younger single you :). You were definitely adorable. Glad the happily married you also discovered blogging :)

  9. Love the wedding photo! My letter on this topic would be pretty boring. I refused to settle. I refused to let "less than" interfere with my dream of what love is...I think I made some wise choices in that regard. In other regards, less so.

  10. Absolutely beautiful. Made me tear up - especially at "but just you wait, you'll find someone who you'll be willing to follow to the ends of the earth and all the things you thought you knew about love and marriage will fade away."

    Thank you for your vulnerability!

  11. This was so beautifully written! I enjoyed reading it!

    I totally agree and have learned that marriage should be between you, your husband and God (with Him at the center). That's what makes it last!

    Thanks for sharing your story =)

  12. i love that photo of you as a kid! i just love it!


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