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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Peek Inside: The Nursery

I think Maddie's room is my favorite room in the house!  It always feels so bright and comfy during the day, calming and relaxing at night.  It's similar in size to the guest room but just the right size for her, and I was able to fit all of my must have items in the space--mainly, the recliner!

I'm not particularly a fan of pink but somehow her colors ended up being pink and brown with a hint of beige.  Then I brought in the pretty green carpet to tie it all together and balance things out!

Target - Crib / Changing Table / Bedding / Carpet (Have you noticed how much I LOVE Target yet?!?)
Rooms To Go - Chest / Recliner 
Bed, Bath & Beyond - Beige baskets (throughout) 
Letters (M.A.D.I.S.O.N) - A.C. Moore

Her chest, to the left when you first enter, is my favorite piece!  It has cork board on the doors that I can't wait to use to pin up Maddie's drawings and such. Inside the doors I keep all of the lotion, baby wash, powder, etc., plus a first aid kit and a basket full of bows :)!  We had a ton of this stuff from the baby shower and after 9 months still have this left thanks family / friends!!!

I also love the layout of the chest because of this space. I was able to put up some pictures and display the cutest keepsake items from the baby shower!

I keep hats / mittens / socks in 1, wash cloths / bibs in 2 and a ton of burp cloths in 3.  Similar, but bigger, baskets are located within the changing table cubby-holes, one full of wipes and the other full of pampers.

Now, I had originally planned to paint and hang the letters and had only placed them here until I got around to it.  Needless to say, I never got around to it, but it looks like it was done this way on purpose and I actually kind of like it.

But as you can see, they are not glued down, and I have to fix them everyday so when I upgrade her to a big girl room I may actually do something with them...but we'll see!

Now the recliner is my ABSOLUTE favorite because,'s a recliner.  It came with Mario's living room set and since we had plenty of combined furniture I decided to try it in her room.  It has been the epitome of perfection late at night! If you are a nursing mother I totally recommend a recliner versus a rocking chair.  Not only can I rock Madison to sleep, if necessary, but if I'm totally tired, say at her 4am feeding, I can open the recliner and fall asleep during right after the feeding...

...and you know you have to have a lamp right next to the recliner, right?!? Right!  After we read a short bible story and say our prayers at night, I usually cut off the light and rock her for just a few's such a sweet ending to our day.  I also keep my Kindle Fire (red) here for those late night feedings and can usually get some blog reading done during that time, you know, before I drift to sleep.

Lastly, next to the changing table I keep everything I need for a diaper change, or anything I think I may need, within arms reach! These items and the items in the tray next to the recliner are both sitting on stools that I covered with a baby blanket. It was such a great way to save space in these areas where I wanted a table.

There is still some work to do in this room as I'd definitely love to put up some wainscoting and paint.  Plus her closet could really use some organizing. But for now, I like it and will leave it like it is until she's ready for a big girl room.  Just you wait...with all the neat ideas I've seen on Pinterest I'm probably going to go crazy transitioning this room.  Plus I'm sure it'll be fun having Maddie pick and choose colors and help me to really make this space her own!

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  1. That's very cute! I like pink and green together. I also really like the photos you were able to put on the chest.

    Andrea @ Mostly Happenstance

  2. What a cute nursery. If I have future babies can you come an decorate for me??:) Pretty please?!
    One of my girlfriends just had a baby in September and her sweet pea's name is Madison also. Love it!
    OOOoO I have another book you can add to your baby stand! Have you heard of The Jesus Storybook Bible? All the mommies love this book b/c not only do the children learn, but the mom's learn too. They said it's the best bible out there for kids right now :D

  3. Awww! I enjoyed the little nursery tour! How cute... I miss when my son Lansen was little, he'll be 9 soon! I swear the time flies so quick! How old is Madison? :)

  4. So cute. I'm jealous of the pink! It's all boys in my house so there is a definite lack of all things girly :)

  5. I've always said I wanted a recliner in the baby's room. So smart!!

  6. Super cute nursery! just found your blog from Pretty Living PDX giveaway! yay for a new blogging buddy - and that pick of your little one messing up the letters made me LOL because my kiddo does the same...just when I get something to look pretty.....ha!

  7. It does look like a beautiful space!


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