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Saturday, August 04, 2012

Our Special Day!

On June 2, 2012 I married the sexiest man on the planet (at least in my opinion :-))!!!  Talk about an amazing day!  No wedding, no drama, no stress and I wouldn't change a thing...

For a long time I've known that I didn't want an actual wedding.  Truthfully, I wanted to elope, but we figured we might never be forgiven by our family / friends if that had been done.  When I was younger I imagined that my wedding day would be exquisite with everything a girl could imagine and I couldn't wait for that day!  But as I got older and attended / participated in weddings I began to feel as if they were just a show for everyone else.  Not to mention the stress and cost involved.  Don't get me wrong, I love weddings and I cry every time I go to one, but for me I wanted it to be about us and us only.

No worries about the cake, the bridesmaids / groomsmen, flowers, reception, etc.  No, it wasn't about rushing, we'd been courting for nearly seven years. No, it wasn't about money, we'd chosen to buy a house with our money instead.  No, it wasn't about our daughter, the exact date had been set in my phone as "Wedding Day" since 2010 (believe it or not)!  It was truly about US! Just me, him and God!

Do I want a wedding later...not really; although we've told people that we would for our 5 year anniversary.  But clearly, it would be for everyone else which I'm clearly not about :)!  But we'll see!  For now, I'm incredibly happy with the choice we made, to have a small ceremony in our pastor's chambers, and like I said, I wouldn't change a thing about that day!!!

Totally in love with my husband and crazy about my family!!!




  1. love the fact that you acknowledge that marriage is about the the 3 of you. (God, hubby and U)

    we are kindred spirits on the eloping because that is ALL i would want to do. weddings are for the my opinion as well. *smile*

    Mz E.

  2. I feel the same way. We actually eloped, and you are right about family not being happy about it. Luckily, our family got over it pretty fast. You all looked beautiful and so at peace.

  3. For some reason the picture of you and your husband smoochin' came up when I did a Google search for "Bridesmaids without bouquets". I have no idea why it did but I had to follow it to this page and comment on how BEAUTIFUL you are your husband look. I don't know you, but love exudes from that photo. I wish you all the best


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